Talk of the Town with The Fearless Angel Project

It’s Feature Friday! Watch this video interview with Sotheby’s International Real Estate Agent, Danielle Claroni, and Founder of the Fearless Angel Project, Izabela O’Brien at MIKU in Greenwich, CT.

This month when you dine at MIKU a percent of proceeds from a special menu will benefit The Fearless Angel Project, an organization that provides biomedical and therapeutic scholarships to economically challenged families raising a child on the autism spectrum.

The Fearless Angel Project was established by Izabela O’Brien (Mrs. Connecticut America 2015 & Mrs. Connecticut America 2017) in honor of her oldest daughter, Alina O’Brien. Alina was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder. Izabela and her husband Dan were fortunate to have the resources to provide their daughter with the educational opportunities, therapeutic and biomedical treatments necessary for Alina to live a happy and rewarding life. Izabela realized along this journey that there are thousands of families of children with autism and developmental disorders who struggle every day to pay for similar services. She also quickly noticed that the therapists, teachers, and physicians in this field were relentless in helping her daughter and called them Alina’s fearless angels.

The Fearless Angel Project provides families with a place to turn when they are in need of support and autism resources for additional funding through scholarship awards in conjunction with fundraisers and generous donors. Visit The Fearless Angel Project online to learn more.